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With the new year approaching, many have called us to inquire about the options available when adding a new pool to their property. Here is a little information to consider before purchasing any new pool.

Advantages of an Inground Pool include the aesthetics of having a focal point in your yard, with decking and landscaping and creating a back-yard oasis for family and friends. There are 3 types of inground pools.

Concrete – Typically the most expensive to purchase, the longest time to install but long-lasting. This pool will need to be repainted several times during its lifetime, adding to the overall costs, including labor, water, and chemical replacement.

Vinyl Lined Pools – The least expensive pool to install initially, but in the lifetime of the pool, you may need many liner changes, with the cost of liners, labor, water, and chemicals.

Fiberglass – Priced midway between concrete and vinyl, Fiberglass Inground Pools typically have a 2-3 day install, including the excavating and installation. Will require less maintenance and some even have Lifetime Shell Warranties.

Advantages of an Above Ground Pool

  • Typically installs in under one day.
  • Substantially less costly than an inground.
  • Many can be installed partially in ground to accommodate grading or HOA issues.
  • No increase in property taxes, but may need the approval of HOA if in a subdivision.

Most crucial decision in picking an above ground pool is the material you select. All may seem similar, but facts regarding physical properties and inner mechanisms show that the material you select will be the most crucial decision of all.

Resin – Even an all resin pool is only partially resin, with uprights, top rails and bottom track of resin to aid in salt water compatibility, but walls typically are coated steel or aluminum to give strength to hold water.

Steel – Steel is hard and heavy, but highly corrosive and severely affected by the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Siding for your home is not made of steel because rain, sun and snow, plus elements in the environment will corrode steel after time. Even galvanized steel can rust. Bridges and battleships are steel but need to be repainted seasonally.

Aluminum – An element abundant in the earth’s crust. It is covered by its natural rust resistant shield. It is extremely reactive and when exposed to air, becomes covered with a tough transparent layer of aluminum oxide that resists corrosion.

When exposed to water, the oxygen and aluminum molecules shift apart so when it gets wet, the structure changes just enough to become chemically inert. It does not tarnish or rust and has a high strength-to-weight ratio and gets stronger as it gets older.

Our aluminum pools use high marine grade anodized extruded aluminum frame and are warranted to last a lifetime. It is used in stadium seats, airplanes, moving trailers, skyscrapers and spacecraft.

Best of all, as aluminum is abundant in the USA, our pools use American Aluminum and are not subject to the new embargos on steel and associated tariffs.

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