US 1 Pools is an exclusive Clear Blue Pool Ionizer dealer in the Raleigh area. Clear Blue is a pool ionization system that helps reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine in the pool. This product is a cost-effective way to maintain your pool.


Here are the benefits of utilizing Clear Blue in your US 1 Pool:


Reduce the Amount of Chlorine

The ionization process works to keep algae out of the pool and controls the bacteria levels. This process allows the chlorine in the pool to work more effectively so you can use less of it. Lowering the amount of chlorine in your pool makes it a safer environment for your family. Clear Blue allows you to maintain a clean water environment in your salt water pools, as well. Salt water pools also use some chlorine to maintain their cleanliness. The ionization process allows you to lessen the amount of chlorine being used since you are extending the life of your salt cells.

Salt Water Pool vs. Pool Ionizer

Less Drying and Itching
The Clear Blue ionization process utilizes mineral ions which make the water feel fresh and comfortable. Higher chlorine levels can leave your skin feeling dry or itchy. Adding Clear Blue to your pool will greatly reduce the dry and itchy feelings and instead leave your skin feeling great.


Maintains Properties in Sunlight
Excessive amounts of sunlight can reduce or change the effectiveness of chlorine products. Clear Blue ions maintain their properties and are consistent no matter the amount of sunlight.


Quick and Easy Maintenance
After you install the Clear Blue Ionizer you will set the system and forget about it. The ions will work hard to maintain the chlorine and pH balances of your pool so you don’t have to. The efficiency of the process removes the need for extra algaecide or clarifiers, saving time, money, and energy. The electrodes that release the ions only need to be replaced once a year.

How to install your ClearBlue Pool & Spa Ionizer

Pool and Spa Ionization Explained